Olive oil and
the Cretan Diet

   "After a fifteen-years observation, the research demonstrated that Crete has the lowest death rate regardless of the death cause".
The above words belong to the French Researcher and Professor
Serge Renaud and reveal the effects of Cretan diet. Of course, he refers to the large study conducted by seven countries, which started in 1956 by the pioneer in nutrition research, the American Ancel Keys.
   Today, the international scientific community has adopted the Cretan diet as a model recommending it without any reservation as the base of the human diet. The following tables referring to the death rate caused by heart diseases and cancer are indicative. The first table (Ancel Keys, 1986) represents a comparison regarding human deaths in eight different areas on the earth, four of which are areas in the Mediterranean. Crete does not only occupy the last position as to the number of deaths, but the difference of this island from all other areas of the table is huge, as well! Death rates after a fifteen-years-observation (seven-country study). The second table demonstrates a comparison between the results recorded by the seven-countries study (until 1986) and the results provided by the Word Health Organisation (WHO) per 100.000 inhabitants (Serge Renaud, 1995).
   Crete comes again last in the death-rate table! Death due to coronary diseases and general death (per 100.000). Next to these, let us add the experiment conducted by French doctors from Lyon. They divided patients experiencing heart problems in two groups. The first group was recommended to follow the diet of the American Heart Association (AHA), a low-fat diet. The second group was recommended to lead a normal life with a diet similar to that of Cretan people. The results were amazing. In two years, the death rate of the second group was reduced to more than 75%.

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