Our facilities in the area of Vamvakopoulo Chania Crete are built to the highest standards, incorporating high technology, efficient machinery and proficient produce manipulation.
Thus, our products reach the market fresh and with the finest taste.
The total area occupied from our facilities is approximately …… thousand square meters and it hosts several buildings:
•Large stainless tanks with appropriate capacity for storing olive oil.
•A perfectly equipped chemistry lab for analyzing product samples to ensure the quality
•A modern, hi-tech olive oil cold extraction machine.
•A building with machinery for labelling and packing our products for export.

After the deposit of olive oil from our affiliated producers, the produce is filtered under cool conditions and kept in our stainless oil tanks until it is bottled, labelled and packed to be sold in the local market or to be exported.
Highly prized for its fine flavour, olive oil has been widely used particularly in Crete since the earliest historical times. In Greek mythology, the olive tree was the symbol of Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. According to legend, when Athens, the most famous of ancient Greek cities, was being built, Poseidon and Athena competed for the patronage of the city which was to be granted to the one presenting the most beautiful gift. Poseidon gave the horse, but Athena planted the olive tree, whereupon the city was awarded to her and named Athens.
The Kolymvari extra virgin olive oil is extracted from the finest sun ripe olives according to a tradition going back several thousand years ago.
Kolymvari Cold is one of the finest and aromatic olive oils produced. It has an acidity rating that is extremely low, between 0 and 0,8, a quality that can be matched by very few olive oils


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