For Cretans the secret for a good health and a long life is more than simple.They eat what their rich land produces! Many fruits, vegetables, greens, garden-grown products, pulses, cheese, virgin olive oil and bread.
They flavour the taste with wonderful aromatic plants, make pastries with natural sweeteners, i.e. honey and syrup of condensed must, and accompany their meal with exceptional Cretan wine.They do not eat meat frequently, or so they did some decades ago.
Meat has always had a ceremonial character in Crete, as was the case in the wider Greek area.
In ancient times, they only ate the meat from the sacrifices' altars.In subsequent years, they ate meat only few times per year, in large celebrations or, if they could afford it, every Sunday.Cretans, in other words, follow a dietary code tried by their history itself.
Modern consumers might be bothered listening to all that regarding the Cretan dietary code, since they will consider the taste to be monotonous.In Crete, however, things are very different.
People's creativity took full advantage of the combination possibilities and today there is an endless variety of recipes for the preparation of exceptional meals.Snails alone are cooked with 40 different ways on the island! And pure olive tree juice, olive oil, is what they always use!
Garden-grown products developed under the most favourable weather conditions are never absent from the table. Even before doctors had recommended it, Cretans used to eat many fruit (grapes, raisins and oranges constitute a way of life here).
Even on the day of total meat eating, on Easter, Cretans do not eat meat unaccompanied or exclusively meat.
They either cook it with wild greens, artichokes or garden-grown products.It is just delicious!

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