Company profile and philosophy

The basic philosophy of KOLYMVARIAN EXPORTS is the Promotion of Kolymvavian Gold, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, both in Greece and worldwide, as well as the creation of a comparative advantage for the producers-members through the joint cooperation in Distribution and Marketing of our olive oil. Our additional strong concern is the international advertisement of the high nutritional value and quality of Kolymvarian Gold, which can satisfy even the most demanding customer.The executives of our company, who are fully trained, are responsible for advising our producers-partners for an impeccable harvest of the olive crop and guarantee the quality of the final product.

Kolymvarian Gold, the extra virgin olive oil, is the heart of the proper Mediterranean Diet. Crete is a place full of sunshine and balanced rainfalls contributing to the growth of very juicy, always healthy and optimum-quality products. Many researchers and scientists assure that Cretans live long and are healthy owning to their diet. In the Mediterranean and especially in Crete, heart disease and cancer indicators are the lowest in comparison to the rest of the world.

main goal of KOLYMVARIAN EXPORTS is the promotion, sale and recognition of Kolymvarian Gold both in International and Domestic Markets, as well as the acquisition of the market share that these products really deserve.

  • The strategic goal is materialised by means of:
    The development of partnerships with importers abroad, as well as with food store chains.
    The implementation of completed advertisement and promotion planning aiming at the wide recognition of the Kolymvarian olive oil.
    The improvement of the same products with the introduction of quality assurance systems.
    The development of new, innovative products.
    The conducting of market researches to precisely define the given formed consumption tendencies.

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